We had a night out!

It’s Friday evening and we’re at a Peterborough hotel, in a big function room with hundreds of excited employees of Peterborough and Stamford hospitals. They’re here for their annual outstanding achievement awards.

We’re here because we had the honour of making the pre-awards film and we’re very pleased with it. It’s here for a few weeks, mostly to allow those lovely people who took part a chance to see it (they didn’t go to the awards).

We don’t have a licence to use the music by Alesso, although the event was covered by the hotel’s performance licence. If Alesso asks us to remove the film, we will. But at the moment he seems happy with the YouTube ads.

Our first ‘unboxing’ film

Sometimes it’s just good fun to play. So when we have a new computer to set up with editing software it’s nice to have a project to try things out. We just bought a new Windows laptop to help with editing on the road. We’ve also been thinking about making product review films and unboxing videos.

So when a package from our favourite sauce chef arrived we used the opportunity to try out the hand-held Panasonic and the Lenovo Y700 on a bit of unboxing action.

You will see better unboxing videos on YouTube but you won’t taste better condiments on your dinner!

See the whole range at: http://ericajayne.co.uk/

A voice from the past

It was great to hear the voice of a former colleague on the phone yesterday. Jon Adams and I worked at the same magazine publishing company a few years ago and, like me, Jon was a film-maker in a previous life.

Since leaving magazines Jon has gone back to film-making and got in touch to explore possibilities of us working together. It was great to hear from him.

Jon Adams is a talented voiceover artist and music composer and his work will enhance any video production from Campervan Films. Have a listen to his audio files: