The beginning of the end

This morning my Merrell walking boots leaked water, as usual. When I came back from walking the dog the toes of my socks were wet. My feet were cold so I wanted to keep my socks on but with wet toes I couldn’t put on my canvas Dunlops. Dry socks meant going upstairs, sandals sat by the door.

I’m now, for the first time in my life, wearing sandals with socks. It’s that easy and it’s terrifying.


Filming library footage at the seaside

Yesterday we made a start on our in-house promo film, driving to Great Yarmouth and turning left on the north Norfolk coast road. Stayed at Walcott and had a great breakfast at the cliff top cafe in Overstrand. I made a film but haven’t had time to edit it yet. You might read that a lot on here.

Spent the rest of the day testing in-car rigs for filming the promo and other driving shots.